Retirement Just isn’t Biblical

The only biblical reference is in the Outdated Testomony, Figures 8:23-26, referring to Levites who labored in the Tent of Assembly. This retirement provision finished when Solomon’s temple (1 Kings 8) changed the short-term Tent of Assembly.

So, should a Christian retire? While there are no biblical bases for retirement today, the Bible demonstrates matured individuals who moved from their major work opportunities and occupations to other tasks God geared up for them. The Bible demonstrates as well, at times God tells us to prepare some others to exchange us to do His simply call. This succession scheduling acknowledges two necessary elements. Very first, even though you might not retire at a established age, often, for the reason that of physical or other calls for you should leave selected work. Next, just before you move to the new posture, usually, you require to get ready–just take courses, study a talent–for the later on endeavor God organized for you.

We see God’s hand in succession scheduling in Joshua replacing Moses (Figures 27:18-23 Deuteronomy 31:7-23 Joshua 1:1-9), and Solomon succeeding King David (1 Kings 2:3). Besides, Apostle Paul’s guidance to Timothy in Titus 2:1-8 points to the broader coaching need not widespread in today’s modern society: more mature folks training appropriate traits to younger individuals so the young ones may well mimic and go on right attitudes at home, in enterprise, and in modern society generally.

What can we learn from Joshua’s substitution of Moses? Though Moses did not retire to today’s promised Utopian lifestyle on earth, he realized God was preparing him to shift on and he needed to bless his successor, Joshua, beneath God’s course and he did. We can just take three messages from God’s succession approach to swap Moses:

Moses recognized God’s decisions when God instructed him to go leadership to Joshua. How contrary to numerous folks these days who want to cling to electricity!
God furnished anything Moses and Joshua required, such as timing the leadership improve. Moses failed to get in the way!
Moses properly trained Joshua on the work.

These days, you could be pondering of retiring, but God wants you to train your successor, and leave your foreseeable future to Him! He may possibly be making an attempt to get you to cease scheduling your upcoming profession transfer and dedicate your awareness at get the job done totally to latest tasks, and to obtaining your successor essentially, to getting to be redundant as He prepares you for your subsequent assignment. Can you listen to Him? Are you eager to listen to Him? Ready to obey? You can not do it in your individual strength, but with a sincere, surrendered heart, you will see His hand guiding your path to His route–which is His assure to His followers (Proverbs 3:5-6). Do you believe?

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