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St. Paul requested in 1 Corinthians: “Will not you know that you are a temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwells in you?” and “Really don’t you know that your overall body is a temple of the Holy Spirit which is in you, which you have from God?” In 2 Corinthians he will come ideal out and claims it plainly: “We are a temple of the living God even as God reported, ‘I will dwell in them, and walk in them and I will be their God, and they shall be my men and women.'”

The disciple John hints at this when he recounts in his gospel an event when Jesus was in the terrific temple in Jerusalem and was requested to exhibit the people a indication. “Jesus answered them, ‘Destroy this temple, and in a few times I will increase it up.’ The people at the temple explained, ‘Forty-six years was this temple in creating, and will you increase it up in 3 times?’ But he spoke of the temple of his human body.”

From Edgar Cayce’s attunement to the Common Consciousness, he much too noticed and taught that our bodies are a lot more than physical autos for living in this earth. Here are five temporary excerpts:

“Know that your body is the temple of the living God there you may possibly request communion. There you may well look for counsel as to the alternatives to be created, the directions to be taken.”

“He has promised. ‘If you will but open up the doorway of your consciousness, of your coronary heart, I will enter and abide with you.’ This is not a fancy this is not hearsay. You may perhaps experience such. For it is the legislation, it is the way, it is Existence by itself!”

“Search for and you shall locate. Not without having but from in just. For in thine possess temple He has promised to meet you.”

“All that you may well understand of the Father God is already within just self. For your physique is certainly the temple of the living God, and as you satisfy Him there you may perhaps achieve in your own consciousness the pleasure of walking and chatting with Him. When these consciousnesses are yours and you are one with Him, then without a doubt might you see that the kingdom of heaven dwells inside of.”

“This is a promise to you, to every single soul nevertheless every soul ought to of by itself discover that answer in self. For without a doubt the entire body is the temple of the dwelling God. There He has promised to satisfy you there He does. And as your system, your intellect, your soul is attuned to that divine that answers within just, so may perhaps you in truth be quickened to know His purpose and you might fill that goal for which you entered this experience.”

Many years in the past, when I very first read through these teachings, I would sit quietly and go inside of my temple. With my physical eyes shut, I would scan inside of my head with my mind’s eye, searching for God. I would start off discussions, and then sit silently, listening for a reaction. In those early days it was like sitting in a dim, vacant area by myself. There was nothing in here but me. If I started to understand a response, I would not know if it were some element of me or certainly God talking. Now, thirty-some a long time later, I can’t shut my eyes with out feeling the nearness of a broad interior universe of daily life, details, creativity, and God. In preparing to publish this article I put in some time recalling how I went from sitting by myself to awakening to the heavens within just. It is legitimate that if 1 seeks, just one will discover it really is a subject of trying to find prolonged adequate. And it was a long journey, with some facet excursions that led nowhere. But, by means of it all, there was a thread that I can now see in hindsight. There were being spontaneous times of enlightenment, of direct contact with God, and of being aware of the reality. Sustaining these proved far more tricky than anticipated due to the fact outer life was much more integral to inner progress than anticipated. If I stopped living the fruits of the spirit in the outer life, the interior lifestyle dried up. But the interior lifestyle is the top, everlasting life, and it is only lived by likely inside the temple of the overall body and awakening to it.

There are two superb means to enter the temple within just: deep sleep and deep meditation. A superior biblical instance of deep slumber developing a eyesight of the lifestyle in just would be Jacob’s dream of the ladder to and from heaven. You will recall that upon waking from deep slumber, he claimed, “This is none other than the dwelling of God, and this is the gate to heaven.” The area of deep rest and illuminating goals is in fact the home of God and the gate to heaven. A excellent biblical example of deep meditation making a vision of the lifestyle inside would be John’s description of how The Revelation started. John tells us that he “was in the spirit [in deep meditation, caught up in the spirit] on the Lord’s day and I heard and observed and was advised to generate.” In this challenge, let’s examine how the physique, the temple, is arranged for non secular action.

THE Knowledge

I am normally asked to explain what it feels like to open up facilities and raise energy, and to be in the existence of God. The Ineffable is just that, ineffable. Even God requested Previous Testomony seekers to make no visuals or utter any title for Him. On top of that, I have discovered that people today are quite one of a kind in their wiring and perception. Some are more visual. Other individuals are auditory. And some are tactile or kinesthetic, sensation a lot more than perceiving. Some are conceptual they know. Frankly, I could discover no change in the profoundness of their religious encounters. For me, it started with sensation the Presence and the electricity, then made into recognizing, and ultimately became visual. But I have a friend who began looking at prior to he could come to feel. I advise that you search for and observe and allow for oneself to uncover it as it arrives to you. You need to have some faith that it is there and in the commencing you may need to be motivated (that assists raise you into the Spirit).

Magic formula Composition

Many of the body’s significant systems may possibly be utilized for each actual physical and religious action. For instance, the seven key endocrine glands that secrete hormones right into the bloodstream to maintain the human body jogging optimally are also a physical portion of the seven non secular centers or chakras that can influence big variations in our vibrations and consciousness. The central anxious procedure, so vital to residing in the three-dimensional earth, is also a portion of the kundalini pathway that can elevate our vibrations and assistance us understand outside of a few proportions.

A lot of this was recognised in the sacred and usually mystery temple universities of historical cultures all around the world. For illustration, the employees carried by the god Mercury (also regarded as Hermes by the Greeks, Thoth by the Egyptians, and Enoch by the Hebrews, and who Cayce mentioned was an incarnation of “the Term”) stays currently as the emblem of modern-day medicine (the caduceus). But handful of definitely know its intended which means. It is an fantastic emblem for physical healing, but it also has the metaphysical construction of the system for non secular flight, flight with the messenger of the gods, Mercury, into the heavens and the presence of the Most High God (see diagram on the front webpage).

An crucial but frequently overlooked educating in numerous historic temple educational facilities dealt with the movement of the lifetime power in the body. It was taught that when the existence drive flows downward and outward through the body’s structures, one becomes absolutely incarnate and mindful in this earth when the everyday living pressure flows inward and upward by means of these similar buildings, then a person moves further than this fact and results in being aware of the heavens. If each flows are made to circulate the everyday living pressure, then integration takes place, and the person will become complete, the two human and divine. Cayce and other sources instruct that this is accomplished by using the breath. The Taoist teacher Liu Hua-yang wrote: “There is a turn upward toward Heaven when the breath is drawn in. When the breath flows out, strength is directed toward the Earth. In two intervals a person gathers Sacred Power.”

Edgar Cayce’s readings affirm these power flows and motivate us to do the job at moving into the temple inside and increasing the existence force in buy to attract closer to God and obtain His/Her counsel and consolation, and finally to become a single with God. In the approach, we are to channel that light-weight and enjoy into this earth, into our life and the life of these we interact with every single day. This, in accordance to lots of non secular teachers and schools, is the most important lesson to be figured out in this incarnation: know and like God wholly and channel that gentle and appreciate into this life’s day by day opportunities with many others. Getting into the temple, elevating the electrical power, enlivening the spiritual centers, and uniting with God are not essential to dwelling a spiritual, loving existence. But, if one particular desires to experience the total of God consciousness and eternal lifetime, then a single desires to raise the body’s vibrations and encounter greater states of consciousness. Moses could not ascend the mountain and meet up with God deal with to deal with right until he very first gave drinking water to the seven maidens and elevated the serpent off the desert floor — symbolic of enlivening the 7 religious facilities and raising the kundalini strength.

Let us check out the body’s mystery structure and some of the approaches for getting God inside of us and channeling the light-weight and enjoy into our life.

Non secular Centers & THE Lifetime Power

The strategy of spiritual facilities can be located in the artwork of antiquity, from glowing globes on people’s heads in Egyptian artwork to third eyes on the bodies (even on the palms of hands) in classical Asian art.

The very first official point out of religious structures, such as electrical power facilities and pathways, appears in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, c. 300 B.C. He reveals 6 facilities and an supreme luminescence that takes place all-around the top of the head. These centers are depicted in two techniques: as chakras (basically, “spinning wheels”) and as padmes (practically, “lotuses”). Consequently, one particular may well realize that the non secular centers are both of those strength vortexes that make movement as they are stimulated (as a spinning wheel) and enlightenment complexes that unfold as they mature (as an opening lotus). Cayce correlated these centers with the endocrine glandular technique in the system. He also reported that there are twelve (1861-11), but seven are of great importance listed here. Anytime we locate 7 persons, spots, or things in a classical story, we may well correlate them with the seven non secular facilities. Cayce’s most renowned case in point of this is in his interpretation of the E book of the Revelation. He correlates the 7 church buildings, seals, vials, and plagues to the cleaning and opening of the seven religious facilities within a seeker’s physical system (for far more on this, see my guide Edgar Cayce on the Revelation). Hugh Lynn Cayce had a fascinating presentation on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs as a tale of religious awakening.

Patanjali also identifies three pathways in the human body. Two are an interwoven double helix known as ida and pingala, normally represented by double serpents (as in the caduceus). The 3rd is a solitary route, the sushumna, starting in the lessen pelvic space and touring straight up the entire body to the prime of the head. These pathways correspond to the body’s two anxious units: the sushumna to the central nervous system, with its spinal column and the mind, and ida and pingala to the further autonomic nervous method, with its woven nerves that commence in the decreased torso and ascend to the mind. These 3 pathways act as one. The strength flows as a result of them concurrently.

The endocrine glands together this pathway are, in order from lowest to maximum: gonads (testes in males and ovaries in women), cells of Leydig (named after the doctor who found out them, found in and over the gonads), adrenals (located on leading of the kidneys), thymus (located in the upper upper body), thyroid (in the throat), pineal (close to the center of the mind at the top rated of the spinal fluid canal), and pituitary (just earlier mentioned the again of the roof of the mouth, driving the bridge of the nose, tucked below the frontal lobe). In order as chakras they are: the root, navel, solar plexus, coronary heart, throat, crown, and brow, or 3rd eye. A lot of fashionable publications and teachers record the crown as the optimum and the 3rd eye as sixth, but Cayce instructs us normally, as do several of the a lot more classical texts and pictures. For example, in historic Hinduism the kundalini pathway is symbolized by a cobra in the striking position, not straight up. In mystical Egyptian and Mayan artwork it is a winged serpent in the putting placement. In Hebrew and Christian mysticism it is the form of the shepherd’s workers. The power flows along a path that is like a dilemma mark (?), not like an exclamation mark (!). Cayce suggests it flows up the physique to the foundation of the mind, then about to the middle of the brain and the crown of the head, and then on to the brow and the fantastic frontal lobe of the mind and the 3rd eye.

Cayce states that the navel and the crown facilities have a impressive magnetism amongst them. He claims that the crown is always prepared to illuminate and elevate, but that men and women have to open up the navel center in advance of they can start out to transcend and renovate. He phone calls the navel middle the “closed door” and the crown the “open door.” Some Jap texts get in touch with them the “lessen gate” and the “jade gate.” Reconnecting these two centers is important to restoring our link to the divine within. Here are a few Cayce excerpts on this:

“This was from the flow of emotion from the kundaline middle or the Lyden (Leydig) gland, to the ones in the center [pineal] and frontal portion of the head [pituitary]. This is absolutely nothing to be fearful of, but keep the feelings better well balanced.”

“Second sight, or the super-exercise of the 3rd eye may well arrive anytime there is the opening of the lyden (Leydig) centre and the kundaline forces from exact same to the pineal.”

“We discover that there has been the opening of the Lyden (Leydig) gland, so that the kundaline forces shift along the backbone to the numerous centers that open with this attitude and these things to do of the mental and spiritual forces of the entire body.”


In this article are two critical readings on preparing and raising of the kundalini. They are queries and solutions:

“Q: Through my meditation, has the kundalini hearth risen to the head or major of spine at base of skull? A: It has risen at periods, but has not remained else there would not be those intervals of confusion. For, when this has arisen and is disseminated correctly as a result of the seven centers of the entire body, it has purified the entire body….”

“Q: How may well I carry into action my pineal and pituitary glands, as effectively as the kundalini and other chakras, that I may attain to higher mental and spiritual powers? A: To start with so fill the intellect with the perfect that it may vibrate all through the total of the mental currently being! Then, shut the wants of the fleshly self to ailments about you. Meditate on ‘Thy will WITH me.’ Feel this. FILL all the facilities of the physique, from the most affordable to the optimum, with this ideal opening the facilities by surrounding self initial with that consciousness, ‘Not my will but Thine, O Lord, be accomplished in and by means of me.’ And then, have that motivation, that goal, of not attaining devoid of HIS route — who is the Maker, the Giver of life and light as it is certainly in Him that we are living and move and have our getting.”

You get Cayce’s important thought in these readings. He teaches us to put together to elevate the non secular forces in the physique by environment and feeling a impressive, entirely-penetrating suitable of God’s will, somewhat than our will, and to sense God’s course throughout the complete of our getting as we open up the centers and increase the power. As he said in an earlier studying, “There is very little to be fearful of, but hold the thoughts better balanced.” So lots of people that I have talked with above the a long time of teaching meditation have expressed their fear of elevating the kundalini and opening their spiritual centers. The teaching is: you should not increase and open by oneself! That is rightly fearful. But do get in there and attune self to God’s presence and then, in His/Her existence, open and permit the religious forces to flow. Here is a great looking at on this:

“Without a doubt it is a fearful detail to tumble into the palms of the dwelling God. Nonetheless, they that really like His coming, they that wander in the neat of the evening, in the shadow of His precepts, shall be awakened to the excellent fact….”

Are there hazards? Certainly. But most of them are before us usually. As Cayce factors out: “You is your greatest weak point, as you is your finest toughness.” If we request to become totally mindful of God and one particular with God, then we have to get to get the job done on cleaning, raising, and living the adore and light-weight that is God and on with controlling our willful, self-trying to get wishes. “With the opening of by yourself to the vibrations, the emanations, you could be tempted by the dreams of the flesh indeed, of the spirit of untruth. But hold rapidly to that mild which is your assurance of His existence with you!”

Soon after imbuing ourselves with the ideal of “God’s will be performed,” Cayce instructs us to get our bodies in purchase: effectively assimilating nutrition required to manage superior concentrations of lifetime and removing wastes and contaminants that construct up in the system. He also directs us to work out, even if it is just strolling a mile right after supper, and to get massages and adjustments to retain the fluids and electrical energies flowing efficiently by way of the whole of our technique. He specially identifies three factors along our spines by means of which there is the action of “the kundalini forces that act as recommendations to the religious forces for distribution as a result of the seven centers of the overall body.” They are among the vertebrae and ganglia of the backbone: 3rd cervical, 9th thoracic, and 4th lumbar. These want to be held limber, open up, and flowing. Get them massaged and adjusted, and do everyday workout routines to continue to keep them fluid.

So vital is the body’s problem that in some cases he essentially advisable not training deep meditation until finally the body’s overall health enhanced.

There are many other actions one particular can do in planning for entering into the temple and assembly God. Every of us really should examine and investigation them on our individual and decide on what is effective for us. See the meditation segment of this world wide web website. I go into more element on these in chapters two by means of five of my e book Non secular Breakthrough: Handbook to God-Consciousness. There are other fantastic guides out there as a result of A.R.E. Push. You may also show up at a workshop at a regional plan in your place or at a Virginia Seashore headquarters’ plan.

Search for inside! You will find.

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