The Commie Chronicles – Episode 6

Subsequent a coup, these as we skilled for the duration of the Presidential election of 2020, outright communists would then purge the army of anyone loyal to the outdated routine. The purge, as historical past displays, would be deadly. Stalin and Mao started out at the major, and as the corpses stacked up, anyone else bought in line.

The purge of our army commenced underneath the Obama Administration when he purged more than 100 leading Generals from all branches of assistance by forcing them out. How variety. Our armed forces ended up stabilized by the Presidency of Donald Trump. Promptly subsequent the coup with the set up of President O’Biden, the purge was resumed.

It begun when O’Biden appointed new Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin. Austin, an Military Common of no specific take note, promptly insisted that the United States military services rid alone of racists and extremists in its ranks. Actually? Austin then ordered an unprecedented 60-working day service-wide stand down. A stand-down is a pause in armed forces activity in all companies meant to root out ‘white supremacism” and “extremism.’ The Pentagon, of course, has produced no facts to help Austin’s rivalry nor any examples of what he discovered. Insiders have instructed me the tension is on whites, Christians, and warfighters.

In a strike at the heart of our armed service, today was the appointment of Richard Torres-Estrada to head the United States Exclusive Functions Command or SOCOM. They are, as they say… the tip of the spear. And what was Torres-Estrada hired to do? Head up a new ‘Office of Range and Inclusion for SOCOM. So our Navy Seals, Spec Ops, Delta, et al. would no more time be the finest but be diverse and inclusive. The purge is meant to tear the heart out of our military.

Speaking of range and inclusion, O’Biden reversed President Trump’s ban on transgender folks from serving in the military. He more declared that the authorities will shell out the conversion surgical procedures for any navy needing to come to be ‘transgender.’ The surgery operates from $100,000 to $200,000 with no guarantees, of course. Maintain in intellect that for time immemorial, the psychiatric community thought of transgenderism a mental disease. That all improved in 2013 less than the Obama Administration with strain from the LBGT lobby.

And we are unable to ignore the deployment of National Guard troops to DC to shield Congress and the White Home from those dastardly white supremacists and extremists. The icing on this cake was when they requested the troops, 50,000 of them guarding the freshly fenced structures, to take a new oath of enlistment, presumably to get them to swear allegiance to O’Biden and not their nemesis, President Trump.

In other information, not long ago uncovered files present the Pentagon’s prepare to goal conservatives, which my sources notify me is happening. The Protection Department’s new range main in contrast former President Trump to Adolf Hitler. And Secretary of Defense Austin often goes on Television set to criticize Tucker Carlson of Fox Information. An Army chaplain is remaining investigated for expressing transgenders are unqualified to serve.

No question the purge will go on. We can’t neglect how the Deep Point out went just after the just one General they couldn’t control, Typical Michael Flynn. They did anything but eliminate him. They lied, filed false prices, threatened to set his son in jail, and deployed the worst character assassination tactics the major media could muster. We should really all be thankful President Trump stood by him, and he is even now combating the superior fight.

No nation ever decides they want to be communist. Evil people seeking electricity normally push the teach to the communist coup. Our current coup is no distinctive. And people in electricity ought to get rid of any and all opposition to mix forces and solidify their new electric power. It is all unfolding right before our eyes as our army is neutered in preparing for the blue helmets of the new earth order headed our way.

For all people who say it can’t come about in this article… it presently has.

Right until future time… observe your again and be wary of the ‘cancel’ birds. You could be upcoming.

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