Transferring From the Retired Reserve to the IRR

Chapter 6, Section II, of AR 140-10, states that a Soldier can transfer from the Retired Reserve to the Prepared Reserve. They can transfer to a TPU, IMA unit, or to the IRR.

This transfer has to be voluntary. Having said that, during time of crisis or mass mobilizations, Soldiers in the Retired Reserve are matter to mobilization. They can be mobilized from the Retired Reserve, or they could be transferred to the TPU, IMA, or IRR and be mobilized from there.

All through the other moments on the other hand, Retired Reserve Soldiers, if competent, can volunteer to transfer back to the Ready Reserve.


Retired Reserve Troopers seeking to transfer to the IRR must be competent for the IRR, and need to be skilled for deployment. One particular documentation, that the Soldier needs, is a record of clinical assessment. This evaluation desires to be reviewed by an Army surgeon. The health care examination, and assessment, have to be in one yr.

Enlisted staff ought to also be qualified for fast reenlistment. These prerequisites are detailed in AR 140-111. A Soldier needing this variety of transfer must be completely ready for an fast reenlistment with concurrent transfer to the IRR. If the Soldier is requesting transfer to the TPU, or IMA, it would be an immediate reenlistment with concurrent transfer to the TPU or IMA.

Troopers have to meet the system extra fat necessities detailed in AR 600-9. Preferably, Troopers in the Retired Reserve should really be retaining actual physical physical fitness and be completely ready to pass the Military Physical Fitness Exam. This just isn’t normally functional, and not every single grey space retiree does this. These wanting, or looking at, mobilization or transfer back to the Ready Reserve must consider remaining within overall body fat standards as very well as currently being physically ready to go the APFT.

Individuals in receipt of retired pay back are typically not permitted to transfer into the All set Reserve. There is an exception, which is mentioned below.

If a Soldier was involuntarily taken out from the All set Reserve, mainly because of an action taken by a retention or advertising board, or mainly because of statute or regulation, that Soldier is ineligible to transfer back again to the Ready Reserve.

Ineligible for transfer:

Soldiers in the Retired Reserve for the next factors will not be equipped to implement for transfer into the All set Reserve:

* A overview board, promotion board, or other board eliminated the Soldier from the Completely ready Reserve classification that the Soldier is striving to get back into.

* Statute needs the Soldier to be eradicated from the Ready Reserve.

* If the Soldier had been to correctly transfer to the Completely ready Reserve, and that Soldier would automatically be demanded to be removed from the Prepared Reserve as necessary by law or regulation, that Soldier will not be able to transfer back again into the All set Reserve.

* The Soldier is acquiring retired fork out, with the exception outlined in paragraph 6-5, AR 140-10.

Application Process:

A Soldier in the Retired Reserve is regarded as nevertheless in the Military. As these kinds of, the Troopers can go to the closest Occupation Counselor to aid get the transfer process began.

As noted higher than, you have to have a health-related evaluation carried out that was reviewed by an Army surgeon inside the previous calendar year. You also have to generate a memorandum. In this memorandum, you have to indicate the following:

* That you are requesting transfer from the Retired Reserve to the IRR.

* The justification that you utilised in the memorandum that you included in your ask for to transfer to the Retired Reserve.

*Whether or not you are acquiring incapacity payment or not. If you are receiving disability compensation, how a lot you are acquiring each individual thirty day period.

*Your willingness to serve in the IRR, and to be qualified and available for deployment if needed.

If you transferred to the Retired Reserve for causes outside of currently being qualified to retire with spend at 60, and your new deal would deliver you to your necessary removing date just before you qualify to retire with fork out, you also have to involve the subsequent assertion:

*The comprehending that you are subject to required elimination right before you can comprehensive 20 years of qualifying company. This assertion, verbatim, can be located in paragraph 6-5, AR 140-10.

If your IRR transfer request is authorised, you will get transfer orders transferring you from the Retired Reserve to the IRR. If you are enlisted, these orders would demand you to right away reenlist the day soon after the productive date on the get.


Contact your nearest Job Counselor for aspects on this system, and evaluation the applicable sections of the references below.


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