The 5 Most Common Myths of Menopause

Myth 1: Hormone substitution Results in Breast Cancer

The Women’s Wellness Initiative of 2002 is to blame for this misinformation. It showed the next results in three arms symbolizing 10,000 women of all ages in each and every:

• 30 instances of invasive breast cancer in the team working with no HRT
• 38 instances of invasive breast most cancers in the premarin-provera group (unnatural estrogen/progesterone)
• Significantly less than 30 conditions of invasive breast cancer for premarin by itself (unnatural estrogen)

The third arm of this research was not reported in the initial outcomes, but it indicated the estrogen alone group experienced a reduce incidence of breast most cancers than the other two groups, which include the women of all ages on no hormones! This lessened incidence of breast most cancers in the estrogen group persisted in stick to up scientific tests 8 several years later on.

Conclusion: Estrogen does not “induce” breast most cancers, but could accelerate its growth if the cancer incorporates estrogen receptors.

Myth 2: Hormone substitute remedy is only for the intent of stopping warm flashes

Estrogen therapy can do significantly extra than basically choose absent a scorching flash. At times a greater dose may be expected to reduce anxiety, support with sleep, enhance sexual drive, enable with memory, safeguard bones, heart and blood vessels.

Myth 3: Hormones should really be provided at the cheapest dose for the shortest time period of time

Estrogen need to be taken indefinitely for some problems, these kinds of as bone security, brain and cardiovascular defense, and vulvovaginal atrophy a affliction of vaginal dryness and deterioration of cells, with resultant agony and sexual dysfunction.

Fantasy 4: Bioidentical hormone are only present in compounded formulation

Not true! Bioidentical signifies the molecular composition is identical to that which a human generates. Bioidentical hormones may possibly be compounded, but they are existing in a variety of prescriptions as properly. Premarin is a horse hormone entirely different in framework than a human estrogen, and must in no way be utilised. It is challenging for the entire body to get rid of, and does not match into significant brain receptors.

Fantasy 5: The superior delivery of hormones is in compounded creams, troches, or products

All over again, a substantial misunderstanding. Hormones love unwanted fat! If they are set in a product, they are content to remain there, rather of sinking in the entire body to the circulation. Lotions with estrogen or progesterone ought to Hardly ever be utilized to the arms!! The hormones, if they get in, will head right to breast tissue. We want hormones in the circulation, not breast tissue, so they will go to the mind, bones, and coronary heart. Progesterone is far too big a molecule to be administered in a cream other than vaginally. Topical progesterone cream has been demonstrated in repeated scientific tests to be insufficient safety for lady who get estrogen therapy for menopause.

Any hormone that is swallowed or remaining below the tongue for any duration of time, will be swallowed, let us facial area it. When a hormone, this sort of as estrogen is swallowed, it goes to the lymphatics, immediately to the liver for detoxing and distribution to the rest of the physique. The bolus of hormones shipped to the liver, stimulate the liver’s other functions, these types of as creating clotting aspects This puts the patient at an improved chance of clots and strokes.

Hormone treatment can adjust lives and preserve us healthier more time! You should not tumble for the myths, stay educated.

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