Foreigners’ Major 5 Concerns – A Chinese’ Feeling to Foreigners

Touring around Asia, Africa, Europe and the United States for about 10 many years more ,I understands how foreigners consider of Chinese .Even though they do not treat us as a shock, they often question some inquiries astonished. Now I have outlined as Best 5 to you.

1.What is the most surprising issue?

When I arrived at West, people who are my colleagues, lecturers and my buddies normally talk to that, ‘When you arrive at our country, What is the most surprising point do you feel of?’ If I solution the query as honest, the respond to must be, all the things about right here is the exact same as what I consider. The reason is straightforward. Today Chinese also can get information and facts about policy, tradition, life in west through World-wide-web, Tv set, paper and so on. Except of language, I are not able to sense the ‘cultureShock’.

2. Peking, when its identify was transformed?

Abroad, foreigners generally question me, Peking, when its identify alter to Beijing? Then I explained ,’Beijing is termed Beijing, by no means be modified. Just termed as Chinese contact it’ But a pal who know Chinese a little, said,’ Why not China is termed Zhongguo, Not China?’. It gave a shock. China is known as only in English. There are other titles for China in French, Arabian or in German. Perhaps when we recover Taiwan, our place will be known as Zhongguo.

3. Are canines mouth watering food?

When I arrived Pairs, A French talk to me.’ Are puppies delightful food?’ At that time ,its my initially time to go overseas. So that I can not get rid of the entice. Whatever I answered, it would gave him this information, that Chinese consume pet dogs. In those foreigners views, dogs are our straightforward pals. How could you try to eat them so cruel? But it is really tough to say ,that whilst canines can maintain dwelling, fix a legal circumstance or be our close friends, the Social status is even now extremely small. So it does not make a difference that we consume pet dogs. Really don’t mention something about bears, tigers or any other animals to foreigners. 😀

4.How can we consume soup with chopsticks?

Several foreigners check out tough to observe chopsticks. They deny knives and forks when they have a dinner at a Chinese cafe .It looks that without the need of chopsticks, they are not able to flavor Chinese foodstuff thoroughly. But a person matter many foreigners however never have an understanding of—— How can we drink soup with chopsticks? Some foreigners consider that there are some other types of chopsticks to employed to drink soup. I answer that when we drink soup, we just use scoop without the need of chopsticks. They recognized a tiny, so uncomplicated?

5.Why learning Chinese is so tricky?

A lot of foreigners are interested in Chinese. Why understanding Chinese is so hard’ .It truly is correct that discovering Chinese is a very little challenging. But it appears that they have some scared about mastering Chinese. They will use ‘Chinese’ to describe a thing could not be to recognized. A phrase is referred to as ‘CHINESEPUZZLE’ in English. It is utilised to explain items as well difficult to be understood.

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