The Commie Chronicles – Episode 7

In any communist state, a single of the first points that generally occurs is ‘reeducation.’ The new ruling party must reeducate the masses. The populace ought to get driving the new purchase or else. In the old times, ‘or else’ was a choice amongst dwelling and dying. In our more civilized world of 2021, the dying aspect is now finding by yourself ‘canceled’ from taking part in culture. Only in mission-essential instances like Phil Haney or Seth Rich do they physically terminate individuals.

With much of the coup becoming pushed by the Marxist social divide, we see signs of ‘reeducation’ everywhere you go. In small Northfield, Minnesota, we obtain compact and personal Carlton College or university. A faculty not for the weak, tuition is $59,000 a year, the school has jumped abroad the coup coach. One particular black college student demanded transform. The Board speedily responded by necessitating all higher education staff members to attend segregated anti-racism ‘struggle’ classes in spite of the point there has by no means been any historical past of even one particular racial incident at the higher education.

The University of Florida is necessitating learners to consider diversity and inclusion teaching. The students are taught that ‘equity’ is honest though ‘equality’ is unfair. Numerous other lessons are suggesting white men and women are the problem. The application has several-alternative concerns, infographics, and movies. The queries and movies focus on particular examples of insensitive language and interactions in between white college students and minorities. A single of lots of brain-bending inquiries asks, “Is it cultural appropriation for a white gentleman to host a ‘Salsa and Sombreros’ concept party? The answer is sure.

At Illinois’ Roosevelt College, Professors bragged on a the latest Zoom get in touch with about how they indoctrinate pupils in the Division of Education and learning into the strategies of social justice. A single explained, “I suggest, it can be all social justice all working day, each working day, I get to converse about the factors I enjoy. I’m really dwelling the daily life more than right here.” The Prof also teaches elementary college and is a liaison officer for the Nationwide Schooling Affiliation. Communist indoctrination has a life of its individual.

The State of California introduced a new Ethnic Reports Curriculum demanded in all condition substantial colleges. The new class guide is a whopping 900 pages. It teaches the historic American oppression of blacks, Hispanics, and Asian Us citizens. It teaches folks are divided into oppressors or oppressed, primarily based solely on their pores and skin shade and white people have all of the electricity even though non-white persons have none of the electricity States’ educating’ our youngsters.

Columbia University, 1 of America’s oldest and most prestigious larger instruction facilities, held graduation again to the upcoming model. Though the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits racial discrimination, seemingly, it doesn’t apply to the commie college extraordinaire. They started graduation with ceremonies for Indigenous Americans only, adopted by the Lavender graduation for the LBGTQ alphabet soup crowd. These ended up adopted by the Latinx graduation for Hispanic pupils and finally the Black graduation-no point out of when whites and Asians graduate. You see, there is additional than one way to reeducate our youthful folks. Travel the wedge deep with a return to segregation and nary a term of protest.

In still a different angle on reeducation, Disney, the unique American icon for youngsters, announced modifications to some of its golden oldies. Its iconic kid’s movie Dumbo is no a lot more. You see, the new music has racial undertones from the times of Jim Crow. Future on the chopping block, my permanently most loved Peter Pan. Seems Peter is disrespectful to Native People, and the motion picture depicts cultural appropriation. And finally, Disney axed The Aristocats. A shocker? Rarely in 2021. Disney claims, “The Siamese cat Shun Gon is depicted as a racist caricature of East Asian peoples with exaggerated stereotypical characteristics this kind of as slanted eyes and buck tooth.” They are also getting a appear at Swiss Family Robinson and Girl and the Tramp. Never you want this was just a undesirable dream?

However, the reeducation of our young commenced in earnest 50 years in the past. It was refined but successful. Now their efforts after the coup are out in the open up for all to see. And the long march carries on although most People in america are going for walks alongside with each other, staring at their phones.

Until finally next time… watch your back and be cautious of the ‘cancel’ birds. You could be upcoming.

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