The Insanity Chronicles – Episode 51

In our 51st episode of the Insanity Chronicles, we will seem at the madness of the approach of Congressional expending. Keep in mind, madness is a point out of getting mentally sick, severely, incredibly foolish conduct, and a sort of frenzied or chaotic exercise. Let’s seem at some seriously maddening items in present-day Congress exactly where they you should not even know what they are voting on.

In December, the Household introduced a 5,593 web page COVID aid monthly bill and advised Dwelling associates they experienced two several hours to read through it right before voting. If you study at the level of 1 webpage per minute and never take a crack, it would acquire around 90 several hours to study the Monthly bill. That is not counting taking notes and comprehending what you go through.

In 2011 the ordinary e book was 473 pages. In the newest figures from 2017, the page count of the average ebook is 267 webpages. Imagine about the ‘stimulus’ invoice talked about earlier mentioned. To repeat, it is 5,593 pages, which would be letter-size web pages, not ebook dimensions. For the sake of discussion, if the stimulus monthly bill had been place in the common guide, it would develop into 21 books.

So fellow citizens, request for a duplicate in advance of they vote to indebt our fantastic-grandchildren with a $1.4 trillion load. Listed here they arrive with a box of publications that would fill five of your kids’ backpacks. Give them a fast read through. It would be like heading to your mechanic for a problem with your auto, and he hands you a 50-webpage listing of things that want to be finished. He says, glance it about you bought 5 minutes, and the value is on the previous site $100 grand. These are the people’ we the people’ elected.

The Appropriations Clause of Post I, Segment 9 of the Structure plainly phone calls for and demands transparency. We stay in the World wide web age all the things is readily available to anybody with a personal computer and a minor knowledge of in which to search. That is everything but the goings-on of the ruling course we have allowed to take around Washington.

Our unique Structure, created by amazing men, was captured on just 4 internet pages. Even with Amendments, it only fills a pamphlet. Nowadays, the men and women we have in Congress, who usually are not worthy of modifying the is effective of Washington, Jefferson, and Franklin, want to ‘cancel’ them. They want to damage their historical past even though driving our at the time flourishing Republic from the facial area of the earth.

Senator Rand Paul, 1 of maybe two Congressman nowadays deserving of the identify, said this, “Much too usually in Congress, legislation is shoved via with no hearings, amendments or discussion. If we are to respond to to the American folks, we should pay back near focus to the legislation we go.”

The yr 2020 will go down in history as the year our Republic died. The American folks are too fast paced, far too uneducated in the Constitution and the distinction in between a Republic and a Democracy to treatment. We’re written content to express our outrage at Colin Kapernaek and his destruction of the NFL but can not wait around until next Sunday to enjoy them play in empty stands with crowd noise piped in. Honey, make positive you get the chips and dips and really don’t fail to remember your mask. Mucking Fadness at its greatest.

Could we wake from this insanity ahead of it can be also late. I wish you superior wellness, and until eventually future time, have enjoyment, love lifestyle, and enjoy out for the insanity amongst us. It really is 2020 appear about it is outrageous.

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