The Madness Chronicles – Episode 52

In our 52nd and very last episode of the Madness Chronicles for 2020, we’ll appear at the insanity rising of our federal companies getting armed to the teeth. Remember, madness is a point out of being mentally sick, seriously, particularly foolish conduct, and a sort of frenzied or chaotic activity. Let us just take a glimpse at some seriously maddening proposition of our police businesses being greater armed than our Marines.

Do you know in these United States that our federal agencies have much more males armed than do our United States Marines? The Fed’s have above 200,000 brokers with firearms, the Marines 180,000. And these are the individuals who want to take our guns.

In the previous times, the Interior Profits Support was a force to be reckoned with simply because they would demonstrate up for an audit and acquire your stuff. Now, the IRS used $21.3 million on guns, ammunition, and armed forces type tools in the earlier 5 yrs. They at the moment have 2,159 Special Brokers to use all that equipment.

Transferring about to Wellbeing and Human Products and services, their Inspector General’s office has 1,300 guns, which include one particular shotgun, five submachine guns, and 189 automatic firearms. Seemingly, they have a get stringent plan when administering individuals mega-billions of welfare throughout the nation. Anyone obtaining a small involved still?

How about the Environmental Defense Agency? Definitely they don’t will need firearms? Not so quickly. The EPA stockpile incorporates 867,000 rounds of ammunition, 600 guns, and they just spent $61,650 purchasing’ physique armor systems’ for 137 special brokers. The local climate wars should be heating up?

And if you believe that is terrifying, check this out. The Nationwide Aeronautics and Area Administration (NASA) has ‘special agents’ outfitted with equipment guns and AR-15s. And even much more terrifying nonetheless, we have a museum and zoo drive. Say what? The Smithsonian Establishment employed more than 600-armed officers. And these individuals acquire coaching from our quite own armed service special functions forces. Why?

The insanity carries on with the Division of Homeland Safety, who are the very pleased proprietors of over 250,000 weapons. And this does not consist of the Transportation Protection Administration or TSA. All those welcoming adult men and females at the airports do not disclose any info about their weaponry. Considering the fact that the TSA has around 50,000 employees in airports across the country, we can assume they are each individual packing heat.

In a new audit covering three yrs of the Division of Homeland Safety, they found the division to be, effectively, rather insecure. It would seem the DHS dropped 228 guns and 1,889 badges, and a mere 25 protected immigration stamps. Don’t you experience much better now knowing how very well they regulate their cherished goods?

The Veterans Administration is in the combine. The VA spent $25.5 million on safety. The expenses involved 11 million rounds of ammunition for their 3,957 security guards. That ought to be adequate to fend off the veterans for awhile.

All of the expenses talked about are non-Department of Protection. For occasion, the major spender is the Office of Homeland Safety who spends correct at $100 million a calendar year on weapons, ammunition, and navy gear. Coming in next is the Department of Justice at $50 million a yr. Even some you wouldn’t be expecting are in on the motion. Get the Social Security Administration, they spend more than $100 thousand a calendar year, as does the Tiny Small business Administration. That is the definition of madness.

2020 ushered in an The us on lifetime assistance. 2020 leaves America removed from everyday living help, waiting to die. It will go down as the year of madness.

May well we wake from this madness just before it really is also late. I desire you great overall health, and right until next time, have exciting, appreciate lifestyle, and enjoy out for the insanity among us. 2020 is gone, and the Democratic communists are working amok.

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