Life Insurance Annuities Explained

The benefits of a life insurance annuity can be tremendous for a number of smart investors. Many investors will find life insurance annuities an attractive addition to their financial portfolio. However, many people would like to know more about this investing option, including having the life insurance annuity rates explained. If you need the life insurance annuity rates explained, be sure to consult with your insurance provider of choice to understand how the different annuity options can change your guaranteed financial payout.

The biggest benefit to a life insurance annuity is the guaranteed income that you can receive for the rest of your life. Many investors choose this form of investing because it provides a simple and effective way to manage their money after they have retired. When you do not have a job to bring in regular cash, the annuity investment will provide this guaranteed income each month to help with budgeting after retirement.

Life insurance annuity rates are what the investor will receive each month. The annuity rates will depend on the type of the investment chosen. Fixed deferred annuities, for example, will be guaranteed for the life of the insurance contract. Variable annuities, however, will not guarantee any return, but they can have excess income above the premiums that can be financially beneficial for the investor.

In order to receive the best rate, you need to shop around. Look at the type of securities that the life insurance company chooses to invest in to make sure that there are high returns that will give you your monthly income. Different insurance companies will choose different investing strategies, but a potential investor can look to see what the return was on past investments to make sure the company is experienced and profitable.

The rates on any annuity will also be influenced by the terms of the investment. For example, a single recipient will have a different rate versus an annuity that will support a recipient and his or her spouse. Rates will change if the annuity ends upon the recipient’s death or if it continues on for heirs or a spouse. However, if this form of annuity makes more sense for your investing and financial situation, it can be an attractive choice for some investors.

Before you commit to any life insurance annuity, be sure to ask about the rates and understand what income will be guaranteed each month. Since annuities are not able to be cashed in later, savvy investors know that understanding the rates is an integral part of the investment.

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